Bacterial Vaginosis Frequently Asked Questions

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Here I put together some bacterial vaginosis frequently asked questions to help you learn more about BV infections and how you can get rid of BV quickly and easily.

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Bacterial VAginosis info“What exactly is BV and can I get rid of it for good? I see my doctor, I get treated with antibiotics and the next month after my period it comes back! Will I ever get rid of it?”

BV is a very common vaginal infection for women. One in three women will develop a BV infection at some time in their lives. Of those that do develop it, most will have recurring BV infections. A recurring BV infection is when you have about 4 bouts of bacterial vaginosis a year.

BV is caused by an overgrowth of the harmful bacteria in your vagina. We have good and bad bacteria, in a normal vaginal flora the good bacteria keep the harmful bacteria under control. Learn the Symptoms of BV to help treat BV quickly and easily.

Something happens to offset this balance allowing the baddies or harmful bacteria to grow out of control.

The smell associated with a BV infection, that rancid fishy smell, is the harmful bacteria.

Therefore all the scrubbing , soaking, cleaning and perfumes in the world will not mask the odor. You need to eliminate the overgrowth by increasing the amount of good bacteria in your nether regions. We need to restore a perfect bacterial balance. Only then will you eradicate the smell and symptoms of BV such as vaginal discharge and itchiness.

The problem with antibiotics is they kill off all bacteria good and bad. When this happens you are left vulnerable to other vaginal infections such as a yeast infection.

Also it is not safe to take too many antibiotics. They weaken your immune system so it is important to find a natural way to control your BV infections.

Due to the nature of BV infections, a simple imbalance of bacteria can trigger an outbreak, it is impossible for us to say you can be permanently cured.

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However, you know your body best. You know the triggers. You may notice your BV infection begins after your period or after sex. Therefore you need to be proactive and start a natural home remedy for BV regime that will maintain a natural vaginal flora at these vulnerable times.

A good idea is to sit in a nice warm bath with 12 drops of tea tree oil or add some apple cider vinegar to your bathwater. This will help eliminate the harmful bacteria. If your period is a trigger for your bv infections have several soaks throughout your period and a few days afterwards.

This natural treatment for bv should become part of your daily routine if you have recurring bv infections. The problems with showering is we don’t always cleanse ourselves sufficiently.

I remember watching that TV show Embarrassing Bodies. They demonstrated in one show how badly people cleansed themselves in showers. They took swabs of certain areas, groin, armpits etc  before and after a shower. It was incredible the amount of bacteria they found in nether regions still there after showering.

Now I don’t want you to panic, and rush off to shower again! In normal healthy people this is not harmful.  But, in my opinion, there may be some correlation with this stubborn harmful bacteria as being the cause for recurring BV infections in women.

A good tip is to perhaps have a weekly soak or two in the tub in addition to your daily showering. It can’t hurt right?

Stick to a healthy diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and sugars. Take a good multivitamin and probiotic and eat fresh yogurt every day.

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