Bacterial Vaginosis Questions and Answers

Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis Questions and AnswersBV Questions and answers

Q.1. I get recurring bv infections, I am worried in case I pass bv to my husband.

Bacterial vaginosis cannot be passed from a woman to a man during sexual relations, and it’s not a “bug” that anyone you associate with can catch. BV however, has been known to pass from one woman to another in a same sex relationship.


Q.2. Does soap cause bv?

Oddly enough soap has been linked to causing BV. Women who are regular users of soap and wash the vaginal area and sometimes even douche using soaps, are more likely to get a BV infection.

Soaps are alkaline and this alters the flora of the vagina. Harmful bacteria thrive in alkaline conditions.

Also, when a woman has a BV infection it is a natural instinct to try and wash even more to get rid of the odor, bubble baths and soaps make the infection worse.

There are soap alternatives you can use, such as Dermol 500.


Q.3. I get bv after sex, is this normal?

Unprotected sex does help BV bacteria to multiply. A man’s semen is alkaline, this will alter the vaginal flora which is typically slightly acid.  Healthy bacteria like acidic conditions, therefore unprotected sex does tip the balance in favor of harmful bacteria getting a foothold and overpowering the healthy bacteria causing BV infections.

If you get recurring BV infections, I suggest perhaps use condoms? This will help protect the vaginal flora.


Q. 4.What can happen if I don’t treat my bv?

In some cases a BV infection will clear on its own.

However there are risks involved with not treating your BV infections. The majority of women will not experience complications of BV but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the possible problems leaving BV untreated.

Doctors believe there is a higher susceptibility of contracting an HIV infection if a woman with BV is exposed to the HIV virus. A woman with a BV infection is also at a slightly higher risks of contracting STD’s such as gonorrhea and chlamydia though a BV infection is not an STD. (sexually transmitted disease)

Pregnant women with a bacterial vaginosis infection tend to have low birth weight babies, and BV can cause them to have a premature birth, waters tend to break early. There is also a risk of an early miscarriage.

Women undergoing surgeries of the abdominal cavity such as hysterectomy are generally treated for a BV infection ahead of the surgery, to prevent any chance of complications.

Also, BV can lead to PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, an inflammation or infection of the uterus and Fallopian tubes which can lead to infertility if left untreated. See complications of BV here.

It is always best to treat a BV infection promptly.

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