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Recurring BV Cycle“I have been to the doctor 18 times now for recurring BV infections. I have done everything by the book, I have tried flagyl and metrogel, I have eliminated sugar from my diet, I stopped wearing pads, I wipe front to back, wear loose clothing. I am going crazy. I have severe cramping as the medications have ruined my stomach lining. And after making all these changes I still have BV!”

 “My doctor warned me that by taking antibiotics I had a 50/50 chance of getting a yeast infection and yes it kept happening after each course of treatment. I am sick and tired of BV what can I do to eliminate BV for good?”


Recurring BV Infection Treatment

Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is a true pain in the you know where. Unfortunately this woman’s problem is a very common scenario where BV is concerned.

I cannot reiterate enough, antibiotics are not the answer to recurring BV infections. Let’s face it when we go to our doctor we take their advice and the prescription because they are the knowledgeable ones, they supposedly have the answer to our problems.

If you are offered antibiotics at the very least ask for the gel or cream antibiotic to insert into the vagina as this will have the least effect on your overall system. It will treat the affected area not zap the entire system of all the good healthy bacteria.

However, as this woman has experienced, once you get on the antibiotic merry-go-round it is hard to get off!

Despite doing everything that could be humanly asked of her she still suffers with recurring BV infections.

All medications have their side effects. I too had been victim to being prescribed repeat antibiotic therapy many years ago and stupidly I didn’t question the doctors. I was naive where my own health was concerned.

Antibiotics can have horrible side effects.

So let’s start with some good sound advice.

How to Treat Recurring BV Infections

The stomach has been affected by repeated antibiotic use so start by eating yogurt with live active cultures. This will help populate the good bacteria in your stomach and gut to help regenerate a good flora.

Take a good probiotic orally as this will send billions of good bacteria to where it is needed throughout the digestive system.

This may sound like a double-whammy but I would also insert a probiotic into the vagina. A live yogurt or a probiotic, there are vaginal probiotic capsules available, use them just until you get things back into balance again.

There are so many things that can affect the vagina, the type of tampons or pads you use, the soap you wash with, the products you use to shower or bathe in.

Avoid all perfumed products

Avoid using soaps in the vaginal area. I know this is a hard one as we want to eradicate the fishy odor of BV. The vagina is self-cleaning so all you need is water to wash the outer parts and leave the inside area to your body! Use all natural, scent free soaps for other areas of your body.

Feminine Protection and  Recurring BV Infections

Take a look at your feminine protection. Some contain scents to mask the odor of your monthly period. Try changing the type of products you use and see if that makes any difference to your BV symptoms Sometimes it could be a simple allergy to feminine products. Avoid using tampons until your BV is cleared up. If possible try to use organic pads If using bath salts or additives stop now!

This was the cause of my “antibiotic merry-go-round” as I like to call it. Not once did the doctor question me about what products I was using that could affect my vagina! Stupidly I didn’t connect the two until one day I was pouring the bath salts into my bath and the penny dropped.. duhh! I could have kicked myself but when you are busy working and looking after three little ones you sometimes fail to stop and think about what you are doing!

Get Rid of BV For good!

Finally take a look at your laundry detergent. Try changing to a different brand just for a few weeks . It is also a good idea to give your underwear another few rinses, maybe put them through a detergent free cycle again  just to make sure the detergent isn’t triggering a reaction.


Chronic bacterial vaginosis is a pain but with perseverance you can cure recurring BV infections and get off that roller-coaster ride.

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