Bacterial Vaginosis – BV Information, Advice and BV Treatment

BV Information, Advice and Treatment

doctor and  bv patientBacterial Vaginosis or BV is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. A normal healthy vagina is literally teeming with bugs, good bugs or bacteria that keep our vagina healthy and balanced. The good bugs or bacteria, produce lactic acid, this helps maintain health and the natural flora of the vagina. It keeps the harmful bacteria at bay.

In certain circumstances, the natural acidity of the vagina becomes imbalanced and under these circumstances the harmful bacteria can proliferate and cause problems such as BV.

A BV infection causes discharge, soreness and irritation. Many women confuse the symptoms of BV with thrush or a yeast infections as very few women are aware of bacterial vaginosis, unless previously diagnosed with a BV infection.

Yet BV infections are twice as common as a thrush infection. So it is important to distinguish the cause of your discharge, soreness and irritation.

As one in three women will develop BV at some time in their life, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

Although similar to a thrush infection, BV can often be identified by its fishy odor. The discharge tends to be thinner and greying as opposed to a thrush infection which is thicker and creamier in color.

BV Diagnosis

Bacterial VaginosisAny woman experiencing vaginal discharge and/or soreness or irritation is strongly advised to see their family physician to get diagnosed.

BV is diagnosed by the “whiff” test, the doctor checks for the classic fishy odor of BV infection. Also a pelvic exam with swabs being taken for laboratory testing to confirm the diagnosis.

It is common for BV to become a recurring problem once you have experienced it once. Typically antibiotics will kill off all the good and harmful bacteria leading to even more soreness and irritation of the vagina. They can also lead to yeast infections.

Generally once you have sex or get your next period you experience recurring BV. The normal PH of the vagina is around 4, which is quite acidic. Soaps, bubble baths and even semen are quite alkaline. The natural reaction of a woman with a discharge and fishy odor is to wash and clean the area, often!

This creates the perfect, more alkaline environment which allows BV bacteria to multiply even more. Therefore this makes the problem worse.

Women that have unprotected sex are more likely to develop a BV infection as the semen is alkaline therefore it unbalances the natural vaginal flora allowing the harmful bacteria to over-take the good bacteria.

Many women think they have contracted an STD, however a BV infection is definitely not a sexually transmitted disease.

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Complications of Bacterial Vaginosis

Women can develop emotional problems when fighting recurring BV infections. It is very frustrating and affects a woman’s self-esteem sometimes leading to depression.

BV affects your relationships, women tend to withdraw from intimacy and this leads to arguments and a strain on the partnership. In terms of physical complications of BV, there are some important issues that can arise, this is why you need to treat your BV infections promptly.

If you are pregnant and have a BV infection, left untreated you do risk the chance of a miscarriage, or your waters breaking early.

Also if douching with conventional douches, you run the risk of pushing the bacteria higher up the vagina and this could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, PID. This is a very painful condition and again, left untreated can result in infertility.

To recap, BV is a mild vaginal infection caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in the vagina.

Washing with soaps and having unprotected sex can make it worse.

Once diagnosed with BV infections it is safe to treat your infection at home. There are natural products that can quickly and easily cure recurring BV infections in as little as three days.

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