Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Treatment

How to Stop Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis Infections – Recurring BV Treatment

Do You Suffer With Recurring BV?

Bacterial Vaginosis InfectionIt is the plague of many women, recurring bouts of bacterial vaginosis. The unpleasant discharge and smell makes a woman feel very unfeminine and dirty no matter how many times a day she bathes.

As a fellow sufferer I have made it my goal in life to discover the facts and find solutions to end the suffering caused by a BV infection.

Bacterial vaginosis is a mild vaginal infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. It causes a strong smelling discharge, some say a fishy smell, it is definitely not pleasant! The smell becomes stronger after sexual intercourse which tends to make lovemaking very awkward for both parties. Women that experience recurring bacterial vaginosis need to commence a regime to conquer this infection once and for all.

There are many over-the counter remedies for BV infections, though they are not labeled as such.

When taken together they help strengthen your immune system and create natural flora in the vagina. When we have natural flora the bacteria are kept in check. It is the imbalance that triggers a BV infection.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help prevent recurring bacterial vaginosis.

Don’t Douche!

Douching is the introduction of fluids into the vagina, it can be plain water, vinegar and water and some women use tea tree oil in water.

Whilst vinegar is an amazing healing agent when fluids are pumped into the vagina they push the bacteria higher up into the cervix area and this may let the bacteria access the fallopian tubes and uterus.

Once an infection involves these areas it is termed a PID, pelvic inflammatory disease. This can lead to damage to the fallopian tubes and later left untreated can cause infertility. It is also a very painful condition.

I know when you have that horrible smell coming from the vagina we just want to wash it out with soap and water, but trust me, this is not the answer. It will make matters worse.


The Do list for Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis TreatmentDo Sit in Warm Baths with 1 cup of Epsom salts or 12 drops of tea tree oil. It will help soothe the area and fight the infection. A couple of times a week is fine. It will also make you feel fresher 😉

When you have a BV infection, at night take one acidophilus tablet and insert it into the vagina. Do this every night for 7 days. Stop after 7 days. This will help restore the natural flora of the vagina.

Doing this more than seven days will produce too much of the good bacteria which is just as harmful as the bad bacteria! The idea here is to create balance.

Take a good probiotic internally, preferably the kind that needs to be kept refrigerated.

Take a good multivitamin.

Women of child-bearing age may find it beneficial to also take folic acid.

Drink plenty of water and add a couple of glasses of cranberry juice daily. Cranberry juice not cocktail.

One final thing to examine is your sugar intake. Some women swear sugar triggers a BV infection. So monitor the foods you eat and see if you can discover any food stuff that triggers a BV infection.

Doctors are clueless as to what triggers BV infections so we have to keep alert and take notes of any changes we have made to our diets prior to having a recurring bacterial vaginosis infections.









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