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The Best Home Remedies for BV Infections – Bacterial Vaginosis


BV FreedomWhen it comes to the best home remedies for BV infections, first I feel I should warn you to be very careful of BV treatments you find online in forums and websites. You will find everything from boric acid to inserting whole garlic cloves! A lot of the BV remedies you find online can be downright dangerous so always use common sense before trying any home remedy for BV infections. (bacterial vaginosis infections)

I appreciate you may be desperate to find a cure for BV as the condition is very embarrassing and uncomfortable. However the vagina is a very sensitive area and a lot of the home remedies bandied about can seriously burn the area.

Apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and boric acid are acidic and can cause severe vaginal burns if you are not careful and follow the home treatment properly.
Using a stronger potion can seriously damage your health so always err on the side of caution, especially in the vaginal area.

That being said, what are the best home treatments for BV infections?

We are all different so there is no one BV cure fits all approach. You have to try and see what works best for you personally.

There are several OTC BV treatments available (OTC is over the counter without prescription) which you can try to get rid of BV infections. These work by creating a balance of the vaginal flora and eliminating the harmful bacteria that causes the foul BV odor.

I guess first we should look for the cause of BV infections to really understand what is going on with your body.

What is a BV Infection?

A BV infection is the most common form of vaginal infection in women, though many have never even heard of bacterial vaginosis. I know I hadn’t until I started suffering with a very bad odor down below.

The vagina has a natural flora that keeps it in balance. A well-balanced vagina is the ideal condition we strive for. Good healthy bacteria is necessary as it keeps the harmful bacteria from multiplying out of control and literally taking over the area. Something happens to disrupt the healthy bacteria and the harmful bacteria suddenly takes advantage of the problem and they thrive. The strong fishy odor of BV infections is the result of this harmful bacteria.

Generally this is the first BV symptom a woman notices, she may also notice other BV symptoms such as a thin watery discharge, itchiness or soreness. The smell has to be the worst symptom because no matter how much you bathe, scrub and clean the area the BV odor remains or comes back pretty darn quickly. You can treat your BV infection from the comfort of your home but first it is always best to obtain a medical diagnosis, after all you could have another type of yeast infection or bacterial infection.

Once you have a BV infection there is a strong likelihood it will return, again and again. This is called recurring BV, see recurring BV treatment.

bvfreedomMany home remedies for BV treat the symptoms only. In her book Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom, Elena Peterson describes her battle with Bacterial vaginosis infections and her attempts at home remedies to cure BV.

It was only when she took a three-step approach to treating BV infections that she was able to completely get rid of BV for good. I highly recommend you grab a copy of BV Freedom here.

Home Remedies Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Common remedies for bacterial vaginosis is either apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide diluted and used as a douche. While these will kill off harmful bacteria douching may push the bacteria up into the female organs causing the infection to spread.

An untreated bacterial infection in the Fallopian tubes can cause permanent damage such as infertility so always seek professional help.
There are special feminine douches available such as Waterworks that help flush the vagina downwards not up so this helps get rid of bacterial vaginosis infections.
Warm Baths

Have a couple of warm baths a week using either 1 cup of Epsom salts or 12 drops of tea tree oil. This will help soothe the area and fight the infection.
Take a good probiotic

Your body needs some good healthy bacteria. A good probiotic will help to overcome the harmful bacteria present in a bacterial vaginosis infection. Insert one at night for 7 days. Be sure to stop after 7 days as we need a balance here, too much healthy bacteria is also problematic!

Take a good multi-vitamin

Drink plenty of water daily to help flush toxins and also add a few glasses of cranberry juice.

Eat a good healthy diet

Eating healthy is a good way to give your system adequate nutrition to repair and regenerate cells. Also watch your sugar intake as this is a known trigger for bacterial vaginosis infections.

Pregnant women are advised to take folic acid

Doctors have no clue what causes a BV infection. It is possible having sex is a trigger for some women. Also synthetic underwear may be the trigger. Opt for cotton underpants.
We as women have to listen to our body and take note son what seems to trigger recurring BV infections for us. Avoid things you feel trigger BV and follow a good healthy eating plan and BV infections will become a thing of the past. You can read more of the frequently asked BV questions here.

Unsure if you have BV? Take the BV quiz here now.

BV Quiz

When looking for home remedies for BV treatment, always take your time and ensure you are not causing more damage than good!


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